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Accountability in Food Safety Starts at the Top – Fingertip in ice cream

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Dear top management of Food establishments , if a finger is found in a food product, the responsibility doesn’t fall on your team—it falls squarely on you.” In a shocking incident in India, a consumer recently discovered a fingertip in a packaged ice cream, raising grave concerns about food safety standards and practices in the […]

Water Footprint of Milk in India

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The water footprint of Milk production in 2022 in India is more than half that of total water required for irrigation in 2025. Isn’t it something alarming for all stakeholders to find ways to create paradigm shift in efficiency and sustainability of dairy ing in our country ?  Following my recent article on the five […]

Creating a Risk Register for the Dairy Industry Amidst the Meta Crisis

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Globally , Ist Jun is celebrated as World Milk day. Dairy is a globally essential food source, consumed by over 80% of the world’s population. It provides vital nutrients for people of all ages, supports millions of livelihoods through dairy farming, and contributes significantly to national economies in many countries. Happy World Milk Day to […]

Indian dairy exports in FY 24 showed better value realisation in global markets

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Drawing from data provided by APEDA and Indian Customs, we present an in-depth look at the trends and dynamics shaping the dairy export landscape. Note that Casein and Lactose are excluded from this analysis and will be covered separately. For India to fully leverage its substantial milk production, processors must prioritize export markets, facilitating better […]

Australian dairy sector is shrinking – Three lessons for Indian dairy industry

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The latest dairy market review report by FAO for the year 2023 unleashed some interesting insights. Three trends were noticed which are worth sharing . 1.In 2023, the FAO Dairy Price Index averaged 123.7, down 17.3% from 2022.  2.In 2023, global milk production rose by 1.5% to 965.7 million tonnes, driven mainly by growth in […]

Empowering Artisans: Imperative of GI Tagging for Boosting Indian Dairy Exports

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Dairy Development in India Since the inception of Operation Flood in the early 1970s, India has exhibited remarkable growth in milk production and per capita milk availability. Data reveals that milk production triples and per capita availability doubles approximately every 25 years. Following this trend, India is projected to produce over 600 million MT of […]

Bharat Pashudhan App as conceived a decade back in our Vision 2030

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When I heard about the launch of Bharat Pashudhan App by our Prime Minister Modi ji, I  was elated . The roots of this joy stemmed from my recommendation of the 5-I model, which I included in our Dairy Industry Vision 2030 document launched on February 20th, 2014. The vision document could be downloaded from […]

My smiles are as fake as your promises-Lakhpati Didi

My smiles are as fake as your promises-Lakhpati Didi - Dairy News 7X7

Today, on February 1, 2024, our country’s budget has been announced. Given that 2024 is an election year, an interim budget has been presented, subject to review by the elected government in the latter half of the year. Recently, I came across news indicating that by December 2023, India might have only utilized 45% of […]

Reflections on the Dairy Industry: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2023

Reflections on the Dairy Industry: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned in 2023 - Dairy News 7X7

On the inaugural day of 2024, I reflect on the significant insights gained from the past year. It was a uniquely challenging year marked by the consistent availability of milk, leading to an unprecedented surplus in dairy commodity stocks that continues to grow. The relatively colder climate, coupled with summer showers, posed challenges to the […]

Fingerprinting:Tracking Chemicals and Cos Behind Unsafe Milk

Fingerprinting:Tracking Chemicals and Cos Behind Unsafe Milk - Dairy News 7X7

Indian Dairy Association organized a Seminar on “Safer Dairy Products – Challenges for Industry and Administrators” in Delhi. The seminar featured two Panel discussions, the first focusing on nutrition and the other on the safety of milk. I am grateful to the Indian Dairy Association for providing me the opportunity to moderate the session on […]