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ICMR: Limit milk Tea and Coffee Consumption, Raises Concern Over Excess Intake

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avoid milk tea and coffee ICMR dairynews7x7

A new guideline issued by The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends that tea and coffee consumers be cautious about excessive consumption. The ICMR, in collaboration with the National Institute of

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6th May- 11 th May 2024

NCDFI Dairy Commodities Prices

Weighted average price on Ex -dairy basis

SMPRs 227 per Kg
ButterRs 355 per Kg

Local Market Dairy Commodities Prices

SMPRs 220-295 per Kg
ButterRs 320-370  per kgs
GheeRs 420-490  per kgs
Whey PowderRs 130-150 per kgs
Dairy News - Dairy News 7X7

7th May 2024

Global dairy commodities price

Global Dairy Trade Event 355 concluded with the GDT Price Index up 1.8%
NameAverage Price
AMF index up 1.2%US$7,124/MT
Butter index up 2.1%US$6,593/MT
BMP index up 1.7%USD$2,545/ MT
Ched index up 8.0%US$4,257/MT
LAC index down 1.3%US$739/MT
SMP index up 0.4%US$2,551/MT
WMP index up 2.4%US$3,350/MT
Mozarella cheese Index up 2.3% US$3,840/MT

Indian Price Raw milk- Week of 14th April 2024

Buffalo milk 6.5% fat and 9 % SNF in Rs /kg
Amul   47-53
State federations45-51
Private players45-51
Cow milk on TS basis in South India for 3.5% to 8.5 % SNF
Rs 285-Rs 310 per kg TS for 12%TS milk
Cow milk in Maharashtra State 3.5% fat 8.5 % SNF in Rs/kg
Rs 30-35 landed at the plant ( Rs 25.50-28.50/ltr farmer price

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