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65-ml Frooti packs, 85-ml packs of flavoured milk-Shrinkflation is back

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shrinkflation reducing beverage size dairynews7x7

As input prices, which were benign for a few quarters, turn inflationary, the spectre of shrinking packs looms large within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment. This summer has seen

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Wide range, discerning consumer, boom time for Rs 30,000-cr ice-cream industry

  As 11-year-old Kyra Arora enters the newly opened ‘ice-cream studio’ near her home in Panchkula, her eyes light up. On offer is a mouthwatering range of bars, lollipop sundaes,...
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8th – 13th April 2024

NCDFI Dairy Commodities Prices

Weighted average price on Ex -dairy basis

SMPRs 259 per Kg
ButterRs 333  per Kg

Local Market Dairy Commodities Prices

SMPRs 210-270 per Kg
ButterRs 300-340  per kgs
GheeRs 400-490  per kgs
Whey PowderRs 120-150 per kgs
Dairy News - Dairy News 7X7

2nd April 2024

Global dairy commodities price

Global Dairy Trade Event 353 concluded with the GDT Price Index up 2.8%
NameAverage Price
AMF index up 2.3%US$6,934/MT
Butter index up 3.1%US$6,592/MT
BMP index down 0.5%US$2,496/MT
Ched index up 4.1%US$4,340/MT
LAC index down 3.1%US$753/MT
SMP index up 1.4%US$2,550/MT
WMP index up 3.4%US$3,246/MT

Indian Price Raw milk

Buffalo milk 6.5% fat and 9 % SNF in Rs /kg
Amul   45-51
State federations44-50
Private players41-46
Cow milk on TS basis in South India for 3.5% to 8.5 % SNF
Rs 280-Rs 305 per kg TS for 12%TS milk
Cow milk in Maharashtra State 3.5% fat 8.5 % SNF in Rs/kg
Rs 30-35 landed at the plant ( Rs 27-30/ltr (incl of logistics and comm)to farmers)

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