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MeraPashu360 provides doorstep delivery of cattle to farmers

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MeraPashu360, a startup founded by alumni from IIT Madras, is aiming to cater to the rural landscape in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi with its doorstep delivery system for cattle and related needs of dairy farmers. The online marketplace introduced by MeraPashu360 allows dairy farmers to buy and/or sell cattle as well as procure cattle feed with just a click, eliminating the hassle of traditional procurement methods. The company ensures the delivery of dairy inputs within a swift 24-hour timeframe.

Niket Agrawal, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), told the Pioneer, “Quality-checked dairy inputs are essential for farmers to ensure the health and productivity of their cattle.”

Besides Niket Agrawal, Varun Verma serves the team as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kanupriya Saldi as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Divyanshu Tambe as Strategic Advisor.

Recognising the vast potential of the rural market, MeraPashu360 focuses on catering to the needs of dairy farmers, who form a significant portion of rural households. With a mobile app, the startup simplifies the ordering process, allowing farmers to select and purchase the required feed with ease.

MeraPashu360: Purchasing And Selling Cattle Made Easy

To sell a cow or a buffalo, a user is asked to fill out a form on the app which includes sharing photos of the cattle and “Enter the expected ask price of your cattle and submit the form to know the best price for your cattle according to the market,” as per the page’s FAQ section.

To buy cattle, users can go to the ‘Explore Cattle’ option on the app’s homepage to get information on a wide range of options and also see the animal via video call.

“After thorough assessment by an experienced team of MeraPashu360, cow/buffalo are brought to the farm and the team first checks the quality of the cow/buffalo, evaluates the cattle on 75+ parameters and delivers them to you after the cattle passes on each parameter,” the page further reads.

The services include Free home delivery service (within a 50 km radius of the farm), Free consultation facility by Vet, and scheduled farm visits to buy cattle.

Niket Agrawal emphasises the company’s commitment to social impact, stating, “We are contributing to the upliftment of rural communities by facilitating easy access to quality-assured essential inputs for dairy farmers”, as quoted by the Pioneer.

The company also boasts call centre executives who can talk to the farmers in their native language to understand their requirements.

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