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Milk sourced from a specific region or farm, offering distinct qualities and flavours is called Single Origin Milk. It is the current rage among weight watchers, fitness freaks and people who just want to live healthily, that includes almost half of the world’s population.

For the uninitiated, its benefits to consumers include traceability, knowing the exact source of their milk, supporting local farmers, and promoting sustainable farming practices. The unique environment imparts special characteristics to the milk, ensuring a more flavourful and authentic experience for consumers seeking high-quality and ethically produced dairy products.

“Single Origin Milk is the epitome of excellence, providing a premium and unparalleled dairy experience that ensures the highest quality and a host of unique advantages. Our Single Origin Milk is meticulously collected from our own farms that exemplify superior farming practices and maintain the highest standards for dairy herds. This deliberate approach allows us to have complete control over every aspect of the milk production process, from the cow’s diet and well-being to the stringent hygiene standards applied during milking and packaging,” says Akshali Shah, Executive Director, Parag Milk Foods.

The standout benefit of Single Origin Milk lies in its incomparable taste and consistency. Shah believes by sourcing milk from their own farm, they capture the distinct flavour profiles resulting from factors such as the cow’s diet, breed, and the geographical location of the farm. “Each bottle of our Single Origin Milk delivers a truly unique taste experience, allowing consumers to savour the subtle nuances and exceptional flavours that make it truly extraordinary,” adds Shah.

Single origin milk has gained popularity due to its unique taste and quality. “Produced from cows that graze in specific regions, the milk carries distinct flavors influenced by the local environment. Consumers appreciate the transparency and traceability of its sourcing, knowing precisely where their milk comes from. This trend aligns with the growing demand for ethically produced, sustainable, and high-quality food products, making single origin milk a hit with the masses,” says Suruchi Khanna, nutritionist.

Furthermore, single origin milk guarantees unrivalled freshness. Through quality control measures and a short farm-to-table supply chain, it is ensured that the milk reaches consumers at the peak of freshness. This preserves the natural flavours and nutritional properties of the milk, elevating its overall quality and purity.

Transparency and traceability are additional key benefits offered by Single Origin Milk. With each bottle, consumers can confidently trace the milk back to the specific farm it originates from, fostering a deeper connection between consumers and the dairy farm responsible for their dairy products. This transparency builds trust and provides assurance regarding the ethical and sustainable practices employed throughout the production process.

Source : News18 July 20th 2023

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