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Exports of Lactose and Casein :Indian Dairy Exports from 2021-2024 Part-III

This video is third in the series on Indian dairy exports FY 24. In this we analyse exports of Lactose and casein in last three years as well as top 5 importing countries for Lactose and casein . As we conclude this segment of our Indian dairy export analysis series, remember that this is just the beginning. In the forthcoming parts, we will delve deeper into each product category and profile the importing countries to develop robust export strategies for Indian dairy companies.

We shall be creating detailed news feature on the same :

Top seven news from the last week are as follows :

Our goal is to assist in product and market diversification, maximizing the global reach of Indian dairy products. Indian dairy exports have already made their mark in 96 countries over the last three years. So, I leave you with a million-dollar question: How many have you reached? Stay tuned and let’s explore the vast potential of Indian dairy together. Kuldeep Sharma Chief Editor Dairynews7x7.com and Founder Suruchi Dairy Advisor dairynews7x7@gmail.com

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