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Telangana government is planning an aggressive campaign for the come back of Vijaya dairy  with the launch of e mobile outlets. The authorities will be rolling out 1000 of such outlets. The first lot of 15 such e outlets have been released by Mr Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Minister of Animal husbandry and Dairy development, Telangana government. The government will operate the e mobile outlets in collaboration with unemployed youth to make a visible statement towards inclusion. Initially the authorities will run 100 such outlets in GHMC area and 10 outlets per district each. Later this number will be increased to 1000. Each outlet fitted with a refrigeration storage will cost Rs 2.25 lakhs and mounted on an e rickshaw. It will be supplied to a suitable person who would be able to pay 70 % of of the cost and remaining will be covered by the government. For the benefit of farmers the sate government is already paying Rs 4 per liter as incentive along with supply of cattle at a subsidized rate.  The farmers can now take collateral free loans up to Rs 1.6 lakh through Kisan credit cards.

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