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Vijaya dairy is regaining its past glory in Telangana

Vijaya Dairy is undergoing a transformation with the government, which is giving paramount importance to the agriculture sector, leaving no stone unturned to provide fillip to the allied sector.Vijaya dairy is regaining its past glory in Telangana - Dairy News 7X7

TSDDCFL Chairman Loka Bhuma Reddy inaugurating Bulk Milk Cooling Unit in Bhela mandal. —File Photo

The State-owned Vijaya Dairy, Telangana is on a mission to regain its past glory in erstwhile Adilabad district.

Vijaya Dairy, which used to be a reliable alternate source of livelihood for farmers, lost its sheen due to negligence by successive governments. The dairy, however, is being put back on the path of growth following concerted efforts by the authorities and Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited (TSDDCFL) Chairman Loka Bhuma Reddy, who is striving hard to develop the sector.

Initiatives in Adilabad district

“A slew of measures are being taken to revive the sector in erstwhile Adilabad district. Two milk chilling centres were recently inaugurated in Luxettipet and Nirmal at an estimated cost of Rs 6 crore and Rs 2 crore respectively. Another centre will be launched in Adilabad district centre soon spending Rs 6 crore,” Adilabad district’s Vijaya Dairy Deputy Director K Madhusudhan Rao told ‘Telangana Today.’

Significantly, procurement of milk of Nirmal district has gone up with the dairy increasing milk centres from 10 to 55. The district is now registering 2,800 litres from per day as against 625 litres in 2019, indicating remarkable progress of the dairy. It currently has 3,176 farmers belonging to several villages. Its milk chilling centre is seeing 10,000 litres of milk every day.

Milk analysers were installed in 48 villages across the district for the convenience of the farmers. Camps are conducted for examining the health of milch animals. Feed, mineral mixture, fodder seeds are being supplied to dairy farmers. The dairy is clearing payments of the farmers by depositing the funds on their accounts on 2nd and 17th of every month.

New dairy parlours

A site was identified for setting up a dairy milk procurement unit under National Rurban Mission at Kallur in Nirmal district. A total of six new dairy parlors were established in the district in the recent past, considering the demand for the milk and dairy products. New parlours are going to be launched in Kaddam and Kuntala mandals soon.

The deputy director said that efforts were being made to revive Bulk Milk Cooling Unit (BCMU) in Chennur and proposals were being prepared for establishing dairy parlours in Mancherial town. Already, two parlours were opened in Jannaram and Luxettipet mandal centres. As many as 15 centres were identified for commencing procurement of milk.

The authorities of TSDDCFL are planning to expand operations of the dairy to the backward Kumram Bheem Asifabad district. A detailed project report was prepared for establishing a bulk milk cooling unit in Asifabad, costing Rs 30 lakh under National Rurban Mission. Parlors were set up in Kaghaznagar and Sirpur (T) towns. Another BCMU is planned at Kaghaznagar.


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