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Vijaya Dairy hikes milk procurement prices to ryots

In good news for farmers, Vijaya Dairy enhanced the procurement price of milk on Monday. The buffalo milk procurement price was raised from Rs  46.69 to Rs  49.40 per litre and cow milk from Rs 33.75 to Rs  38.75 per litre. The new rates will be applicable from September 1.

Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav announced this at a meeting held with farmers at Rajendra Nagar on Monday. He also announced the enhancement of the maintenance expenses for societies from the present Rs  1.25 to Rs  2 in the monsoon season and from Rs  1.50 to Rs  2.25 in summer. The additional financial burden on Vijaya Dairy would be Rs  1.42 crore every month, the Minister said.

Special initiatives

He recalled that the State government, in order to encourage milk production in the State, was providing buffaloes with a 75 per cent subsidy to SCs and STs and on 50 per cent subsidy to others. The government is also paying Rs 4 per litre as an incentive for the milk supplied to Vijaya Dairy. The government also provides free vaccination and medicines and launched mobile veterinary clinics. Vijaya Dairy, which was launched in undivided Andhra Pradesh, now achieved Rs 800 crore turnover, Srinivas Yadav said.

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