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Uttarakhand state federation paid Rs 45 crores to 50000 member dairy farmers during Covid

Uttrakhand milk federation ,Aanchal, has 2551 village level cooperative societies in 13 districts. These societies have 51,121 members who are farmers and villagers and supplies milk to the VLC. The farmers receive the payment every month.

Amongst 13 districts Nainital accounts for almost 20 % of total VLCs and 50% of total farmer members in the Federation. The total milk collection in the district is 86805 lpd, on an average.

Dehradun has supplied 17332 LPD from 292 VLCs and 2538 members. Haridwar has 252 VLC with over 2755 members and 13191 lpd of milk during the lockdown. Aanchal procured 200000 LPD of milk till May end from their member farmers.

The state government set an example by not reducing their milk collection despite drop in demand in the markets. They converted this excess milk as SMP and butter . The state has allocated 200 MT of SMP for distribution in Anganwadi centers and mid day meals program .

As per R Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary dairy development UK, the state is open to own milk production centers. The state is offering subsidies for setting up dairy farms and milk processing units in the state. He is also committed to procure milk from the farmers and pay money directly to their bank accounts. The state has paid Rs 45 crores to the farmers for the milk collected during the last three month period of Covid-19 and lockdown

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