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UP: Over Rs 35,000 cr investment in dairy and livestock sectors

The Uttar Pradesh government under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will witness significant growth in all sectors with investments of over Rs 33.52 lakh crore in more than 20 sectors landing on the ground, as per an official release.

As per an official release, the investors have agreed to invest more than Rs 35,000 crores in one of the state’s major sectors, dairy and livestock. More than Rs 31,000 crores will be invested in the dairy sector, and over Rs 4400 crores will be invested in livestock. The combination of both sectors is expected to create more than one lakh jobs.

It said that a five-member committee has been formed under the guidance of the Animal Husbandry Department to implement the investment proposal of more than Rs 35,000 crores received in the dairy and livestock sectors through GIS.

“This committee will now work to ensure that 1051 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) in the dairy sector and 1432 investment proposals in the livestock sector are implemented as soon as possible,” it read.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to ensure that the groundbreaking ceremony is organized while the proposals are implemented as soon as possible. If assistance is required, collaborate closely with the Industrial Development Department and the Invest UP team.

The Yogi government has been emphasizing milk production, milk processing, and livestock promotion. The investment proposals in this sector will provide enormous employment opportunities.

Based on the MoU and investment proposals received, if the team of officers takes it to the ground, more than 72,000 new jobs will be created in the dairy sector. At the same time, the livestock sector will provide over 32,000 job opportunities. More than 1 lakh jobs will be created in both sectors as a result of this.

CM Yogi has given clear instructions to the officers to cooperate with the investors in every way and provide all kinds of facilities related to establishing their enterprises through the single window system.

“Along with this, ensure that investor applications are processed on time so that entrepreneurs do not have to face any trouble,” said CM Yogi.

Departmental officers have been given clear instructions that, in addition to dairy production, dairy plant operations, and cow protection, special emphasis should be placed on the production of CBG, bio-CNG, various products of cow dung and cow urine, and the establishment of solar power plants, among other things. (ANI)

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