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‘Umeed’ scheme create first women dairy farmer producer Co at Pulwama

Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM), ‘UMEED’, through its Self-Help-Group (SHG) platform has initiated a first of its kind all-women Dairy Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) at Mitrigam in Pulwama district.

The very thankful Shahzada, an FPO member from the Self Help Group Chandani, said. “I, along with 10 others, have been working very hard. And we have been helped immensely by the government under the JKRLM s Umeed scheme. The Department of Animal Husbandry has also helped us a lot”.

‘Umeed’ scheme create first women dairy farmer producer Co at Pulwama - Dairy News 7X7

This Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) functions like any other professional Private Limited company; it has a CEO and a Board of members. It can undertake all activities as per its Article Of Association (AOA) for the collective effort of Farmers, including setting up common facilities like a milk plant, fodder plant, etc.

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The organization aims to help its members achieve better produce prices by having better market linkages. It will also create employment opportunities and provide a stable market platform for women.

The SHG, named Chandani, aims to run this organization on the same pattern as that of Amul in Gujarat.

Arshid Ahmad, Program manager JKRLM, Pulwama told ANI, “Once the quantity of milk increases, we will start adding value to it by shaping raw milk into different dairy products. This will increase the income of the SHG”.

There are several government schemes to help those in the dairy business, and the members of this SHG are also benefitting from it. “One FPO member, Shahzada, had only 2 cows earlier, but now she has 20 cows and is even planning on 10 more in the coming months, thanks to these schemes”, he added. (ANI)

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