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Trusted and affordable dairy products will upsurge in demand

There is no need for the dairy sector to pivot too much in order to meet the requirement of post covid consumer behavior. Consumption of ghee, cheese, butter, paneer increased by 30-40 % which to large extent helped in setting off the15% decline in milk demand due to closure of HORECA. Ice cream demand plummeted to a  5% level in the earlier part of lockdown but now the demand is picking up well to almost 50% level as that of last year’s same time, Tetra pack milk, ghee and cheese were considered as the products with highest growth. In future as Mr Sodhi, there would be a shift towards trusted brands or formal sector for dairy products. In value added products the focus will be on affordability so the companies will have to make certain changes in their type and size of packaging instead of changing the whole product mix up side down for survival and growth.

Trusted and affordable dairy products will upsurge in demand - Dairy News 7X7


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