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Top 10 milk producing countries in the world – 2024


Explore the 2024 rankings of the Top 10 largest milk producing countries. Uncover the leading Global milk production ranking and discover key players in Milk production by country 2024. Get insights into Major milk producing countries and their contributions to the World largest milk producing country.

The top 10 largest milk producing countries in the world are India, the United States, Pakistan, China, Brazil, Germany, Russia, France, Turkey, and New Zealand. They have a major impact on supply chains, trade dynamics, and dietary trends in the dairy industry. As a major source of nutrition for people all over the world and a pillar of the dairy sector, milk production is an essential component of global agriculture. There are many World top milk producing countries available on the global market because many countries produce plenty of milk.

The top 10 milk-producing countries have developed unique approaches to meet the increasing need for milk and dairy products. In this article, we will look into the top ten largest milk producing countries along with their contributions to the global dairy industry.

Milk Production in the World 2024

Since 1961, the amount of milk produced worldwide has almost tripled, reaching 918 million tons in 2021. Global milk production has reached 929.9 million tons in 2022, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Cow milk is the most widely consumed type of milk, followed by buffalo milk, goat milk, sheep milk, and camel milk. With a share of 22% of the worldwide milk output, India is the world’s largest producer. The United States is the second-largest producer of cow milk, after the European Union. India’s output growth is anticipated to remain strong. Sheep produce milk in semi-arid regions of the Mediterranean. In Africa, goats that live in areas with inadequate soil yield milk. In humid tropical climates, buffaloes make milk.

Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries

  • India leads with its extensive dairy farming.
  • The United States follows with high production volumes.
  • China, Brazil, and Germany round out the top five.
  • Pakistan, France, New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey complete the list.

List of Top 10 Largest Milk Producing Countries in the World

The below table lists the top 10 largest milk producing countries in 2024:

Milk Producing Country

Milk Production (Tonnes)



United States
















New Zealand


Largest Milk Producing Country – India

India is the world’s top producer of milk, generating 24.64% of the world’s total production in the 2021–2022 period. Over the last nine years, or between 2014–15 and 2022–23, India’s milk output has increased by 58%, reaching 208,984,430 tons in 2022–23.

  • States such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat are well-known for contributing significantly to the country’s total milk supply.
  • The promotion and improvement of milk production are greatly supported by government programs and teamwork.
  • The efficiency of coordinated efforts in the dairy business is proven by the success of cooperative movements, such as Amul.
  • India’s dedication to both conventional and contemporary dairy farming methods supports the continued development of the industry.

Second Largest Milk Producing Country – United States

With 102,654,616 tons produced in 2023, the United States ranks among the top milk-producing countries in the world. This amounts to three times the total milk production of both New Zealand and Australia combined.

  • Dairy farms of a large scale are found in many states but are particularly concentrated in areas such as California, Wisconsin, and New York.
  • The U.S. dairy industry is successful because of favorable climates, innovative agricultural techniques, and effective dairy management strategies.
  • The manufacturing of a wide range of dairy products, such as powdered milk, cheese, butter, and fluid milk, shows the diversity of the American dairy business.
  • In the dairy industry in the United States, modern technologies are widely used for milk production, herd management, and processing.
  • The growth and sustainability of the dairy industry are significantly influenced by market dynamics, industry rules, and government policy.

Third Largest Milk Producing Country – Pakistan

With 65,785,000 tons of milk produced annually in 2022–2023, Pakistan is among the top 3 milk-producing countries in the world.

  • Pakistan’s dairy industry is an important participant in the world market, making a significant contribution to the supply of milk both domestically and internationally.
  • Several kinds of dairy animals are used in Pakistan’s dairy industry, with cows and buffaloes accounting for a large portion of total production.
  • The foundation of Pakistan’s dairy business consists of small-scale farmers who use a combination of conventional and contemporary farming methods.
  • Pakistan is a market leader in exports, promoting its well-known goods made from buffalo milk internationally.
  • The production of a variety of dairy products, such as liquid milk, ghee (clarified butter), and traditional dairy treats, is indicative of the dairy industry’s success.

Fourth Largest Milk Producing Country – China

China produced the most cow’s milk in recent times in 2023, reaching 41,245,664 tonnes. Owing to increased livestock inventories and enhanced production efficiency, this represents a 4% increase from 2022.

  • The country’s dairy industry has grown significantly as a result of shifting dietary habits and a growing population, which have increased demand for milk and dairy products.
  • To increase the effectiveness and production of its dairy industry, China has made investments in innovative technologies, better genetics, and contemporary dairy farming methods.
  • China’s dairy industry is made up of both large-scale commercial dairy farms and smaller-scale businesses, which reflects the country’s diverse agricultural environment.

Fifth Largest Milk Producing Country – Brazil

Brazil produces 5% of the milk produced worldwide, making it the fifth-largest producer in the world. Brazil produced 36,663,708 tons of fluid milk in 2023.

  • The dairy industry in Brazil is distinguished by its expansive farms, ideal weather, and emphasis on cutting-edge agricultural techniques.
  • Brazil’s dairy business is more productive and efficient because of advances in genetics, technology, and management techniques.
  • Brazil’s diverse geography makes it possible for grazing to occur all year round, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of milk.
  • Brazil’s government supports the dairy industry with programs that guarantee milk quality, enhance herd genetics, and encourage sustainable agricultural techniques.

Sixth Largest Milk Producing Country – Germany

With 33,188,890 tons of cow’s milk produced in 2023, Germany becomes the EU’s greatest milk producer. This represents almost 25% of the milk, butter, and cheese consumed in the EU.

  • Germany actively participates in the European and international dairy markets as a significant processor and exporter of dairy products, such as cheese, butter, and milk powder.
  • Germany’s dairy industry stands out for its emphasis on environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and technical innovation. Effective breeding programs and nutritional developments also contribute to increased productivity.
  • Germany’s dairy industry is diverse due to a broad variety of farm sizes, from tiny, family-run businesses to huge commercial farms.

Seventh Largest Milk Producing Country – Russia

Russia produces 32,333,278 tons of milk annually, ranking it as the seventh-largest producer of milk worldwide. Russia produced more over 32.3 million metric tons of milk and dairy products in 2023, and its supply had grown by more than two million metric tons since 2020.

  • The dairy industry in Russia is made up of both tiny farms and large-scale commercial farms, demonstrating the variety of farming techniques used there.
  • The goal of government support and laws is to strengthen the dairy business by tackling matters like sustainability, herd management, and milk quality standards.
  • Russia is a major consumer and, to some extent, exporter of dairy products in the international dairy market.
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Eighth Largest Milk Producing Country – France

More than 25,834,800 tonnes of milk were produced by French farmers in 2023. 3.5% of the milk produced worldwide is produced in France, which is the second-largest milk producer in Europe after Germany.

  • France is a well-known participant in the worldwide dairy market, distinguished by the wide variety of superior dairy products it offers.
  • With an emphasis on traditional and artisanal dairy production practices, the nation has a well-established dairy sector.
  • The diversity of the French dairy industry contributes to the sector’s wealth by combining large-scale commercial farms with smaller, family-run businesses.
  • The superiority of French dairy products is mostly ensured by government laws and quality standards.

Ninth Largest Milk Producing Country – Turkey

Between 2007 and 2022, the overall volume of milk products produced in Turkey rose, although rather irregularly. With 23.5 million tons produced, 2020 marked the highest amount of milk produced in the nation. The production of milk products reached over 23,200,306 tons in 2023.

  • Turkey’s dairy industry is expanding and serves the country’s internal market as well as the global one.
  • Increasing milk production’s self-sufficiency through government programs and laws has been emphasized recently.
  • Turkey produces a significant quantity of milk each year, which meets the country’s dairy demands and adds to the world’s dairy supply.
  • Small-scale family farms and larger commercial operations coexist in the nation’s dairy sector, showing the diversity of farming methods used there.
  • The objectives of government support for the Turkish dairy industry are to raise standards for milk quality, manage herds more effectively, and encourage sustainability.

Tenth Largest Milk Producing Country – New Zealand

With an annual production of around 21,886,376 tonnes of milk, New Zealand ranks among the world’s top producers of milk. This represents roughly 3% of milk produced worldwide.  The largest export category for New Zealand is dairy products. New Zealand was the world’s top milk exporter in 2023:

  • A significant participant in the global dairy market, New Zealand is well known for its productive, pasture-based dairy production methods.
  • Dairy goods, such as cheese, butter, and powdered milk, are major exports from the nation and influence global trade dynamics.
  • Large-scale commercial farms that frequently use vast pastoral areas for the grazing of dairy cattle are the hallmarks of New Zealand’s dairy industry.
  • New Zealand produces a significant amount of milk annually, and the industry is essential to the nation’s agricultural economy.
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