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The road towards a sustainable future : Milky mist Dairy

Milky Mist Dairy- Pioneer in green energy and self-sustainability.

Milky mist Dairy has commissioned a 7 MW power plant at Kavilipalayam, Erode on March 21st 2022, thus establishing itself as the forerunner in environmental sustainability.  Milky mist with an annual turnover of Rs. 1100 Cr has embarked on switching over to renewable green energy resources over fossil fueled energy resources.

The plant was designed, installed, and commissioned by SWELECT with an outlay of 40 CR. As a part of Green energy portfolio augmentation, the new power plant is another feather in the cap which will enable milky mist to run with 100 % sustainable energy. The installation is expected to reduce 30,000 tons of carbon emissions every year.

The road towards a sustainable future : Milky mist Dairy - Dairy News 7X7

With the already existing 6 MW solar power plant spanning 14 acres at Chithode, and 2 MW wind farm at Kayatharu, Thirunelveli, MMD has become the 1st Indian FMCG company to become 100% self-sustainableGiving back to mother earth has been the guiding principle for the organization, hence we are proud to inform you that Milky mist has attained the state of power surplus with renewable energy.

The company embarked on this journey towards sustainability since its inception of 2MW wind energy in 2018 and 4 MW solar energy in 2017.

With commissioning 7 MW solar, Milky mist has a total capacity of 13 MW and 2 MW wind energy we are proud to announce that it has become 100 % energy efficient completely through sustainable renewable energy sources.

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