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Telangana government interested in boosting milk production in the state

Telangana government is paying Rs per liter to dairy farmers as subsidy to produce more milk. The state produces around 80 lakh litres per day of milk and only half of that reaches to the market.

Planning board vice chairman Sh Vinod Kumar launched 54th distribution outlet of KarimnagarDairy at Nizampet on tuesday. He shared his views on increasing milk production in the state by having more of cows and buffaloes . He further added that the urban demand is not matching with the current production levels.

As per ICMR per capita consumption of milk should be minimum 280 ml per day per person. In Telangana per day consumption is 350ml however demand for milk in Hyderabad exceeds production.

Karimnagar dairy produce 2.5 lakh lpd of milk with 70000 member farmers. Ch Rajeshwar Rao is the current chairman of Karimnagar dairy and the turnover of dairy is Rs 348 Crores.

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