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TD questions YSRC government leasing out Chittoor Dairy

Telugu Desam national spokesman Kommareddy Pattabhiram accused Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy of deliberately destroying dairy industry in Andhra Pradesh only to promote Amul Dairy.

Speaking to media here on Thursday, he alleged that the actual plan of CM is to hand over properties of AP Dairy Development Corporation and other cooperative dairies in the state to Amul.

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Pattabhiram said, “Jagan Mohan Reddy has no right to do so, as within one year, he will lose power and go to jail.”

He wondered how Chittoor Dairy can be given away to Amul company on a 99-year lease. Further, the lease amount has been fixed at ₹1 crore per annum for 99 years, even though the value of rupee will keep falling year after year.

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The TD spokesman pointed out that Chittoor Dairy is spread over 33 acres whose land cost itself is ₹500 crore with machinery costing another ₹150 crore.

“The total value of Chittoor Dairy is ₹650 crore. How can Jagan Mohan Reddy lease out the company for just ₹1 crore annually,” Pattabhiram asked.

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