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Tata foraying into dairy commodities segment with Tata NQ SMP

Tata NQ is a new-age venture into science-based ingredients and formulations developed to enhance the Nutritional and Health Quotient of your products.

Backed by a dedicated Innovation Centre we leverage our knowledge on Biotechnology, food technology & biogenomics and offer products and solutions in areas Microbiome health. Borrowing on the rich manufacturing heritage of Tata Chemicals, we develop our own in-house process technologies and scale them into high quality state of the art facilities.

TATA has forayed into milk products under the brand name Tata NQ by launching Tata NQ Skimmed milk powder. To begin with this pack is available for institutional customers only in 25 Kgs.

Tata NQ is getting manufactured at Real Dairy industries Ltd, Baramati , Maharashtra. The dairy is known for its high quality standards of milk and food safety.

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