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Tasty Dairy moves from B2B to B2C segments

Tasty Dairy has successfully migrated to the main board of the Bombay Stock Exchange and is also making a transition from B2B to B2C.

This transition was to take place in the next 2-3 years. However, the brand has witnessed a significant shift in consumer behaviour which led-to a speeding up of Tasty Dairy’s processes and plans to achieve a feat. Tasty Dairy is prepared to diversify its focus on direct service to consumers now.

Tasty Dairy aims to bridge the gap and fulfill the needs of the consumers. Keeping the consumers’ demand in mind, the brand intends on establishing capacities to manufacture a new range of value-added dairy products including Whey Powder, Cheese, Pouch Liquid Milk Variants, Curd, Paneer, Long Shelf life Flavoured Milk, and Dairy Whitener. The manufacturing of these products is expected to kick start in the 4th quarter of the current financial year. Additionally, plans to design the products appropriately concerning packaging, composition, and shelf life, and so on for HoReCa and Retail segment.

Tasty Dairy moves from B2B to B2C segments - Dairy News 7X7

In the Indian dairy industry, milk is one of the main categories; however, there is more to it. With the existing infrastructure, there are many value-added dairy products like Butter Milk, Yogurt Drinks which are in demand and are preferred by consumers as a healthier option. The company is open to explore this section of the industry and assess possibilities of looking at the market potential of these products.

Atul Mehra, Chairman, Tasty Dairy, said, “As a responsible dairy brand, Tasty Dairy’s mission is to provide safe, healthy, and nutritious food to our consumers, fulfilling their everyday dietary and nutritional needs. As an essential part of these initiatives and taking requirements into account, Tasty Dairy is strategically planning to expand its product offerings.”

“Our ultimate aim is to make our Indian products comparable to any global benchmarks by leveraging and deploying modern technology like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and educating and empowering our dairy farmers on the usage of these new technologies to improve their yield and quality. Through our initiative INDUCED (Indo Dutch Centre of Excellence on Dairying), Tasty Dairy has associated with world-class technology companies, NGOs, banks, and financial institutions to bring in global benchmarks and standards in place. Through these innovative, effective, productive, and energy conservation technologies, we would like to bring the best of products to our customers,” he added.

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