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Tamil Nadu: Aavin Milk Gets Cheaper; Check New Rates

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In a good news for the people of Tamil Nadu, Aavin, the state government cooperative, has reduced the price of non-perishable milk by Rs 2. Aavin’s milk is available in various packets-orange, green, blue, and violet-each indicating different fat contents to meet diverse consumer needs.

Besides regular milk, Aavin also provides non-refrigerated milk, which is crucial during natural calamities like storms and heavy rains, and for long-distance travelers. This type of milk has been vital in maintaining a steady supply during emergencies, highlighting Aavin’s dedication to community service.

Earlier, non-refrigerated milk packets were priced at Rs 30 for 450ml and Rs 12 for 150ml. With the new price cut, they are now Rs 28 for 450 ml and Rs 10 for 150 ml. This reduction was prompted by an excess of milk stocks, allowing Aavin to offer more affordable options to its customers. Established in 1958,

Aavin began as part of the Dairy Development Department, which regulated milk production and distribution across Tamil Nadu. Over the years, Aavin took over various milk cooperatives, and in 1981, it was rebranded as the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd. Aavin’s operations have become a cornerstone of daily life in Tamil Nadu, procuring milk and selling it directly to consumers.

Its product range includes not only milk but also butter, ice cream, yoghurt, ghee, milk shakes, and khoa, making Aavin a household name across the region.  On the other hand, Arokya has slashed the price of cream milk by Rs 3 per litre. This move is aimed at benefiting tea shops and hotels. In addition to it, the price of curd has also been lowered by Rs 6 per kilogram. The new price of full cream milk priced at Rs 65 per litre. Aavin milk cardholders receive FCM at Rs 48 per litre.

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