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A Drug for Cows Could Curb Methane Emissions from Dairy cattle

drug to prevent methane emission

(Bloomberg) — The methane emitted by burping cows, sheep, goats and other livestock does more short-term damage to the climate than the world’s passenger vehicles, by some estimates. A Boston-based startup says its new vaccine could take a big bite out of their emissions Ag-biotech company ArkeaBio says its drug targets methane-producing microorganisms that live […]

Keep milch animals safe this summer: Aavin to T.N. dairy farmers

keep milch animal in shade in summer aavin dairynews7x7

Aavin has asked dairy farmers in Tamil Nadu to take care of milch animals this summer. It has advised farmers to tie cattle under the shade of trees and provide them with additional water to drink, in view of the sweltering heat. A dairy farmer said that water was scarce in villages at this time, […]

First human case of avian flu in Texas raises alarm

avian flu human and cow infected dairynews7x7

A Texas dairy worker has tested positive for the avian flu, marking the first identified human case of an illness in the U.S. that has sickened cattle across several states over the past few weeks. The infection, only the second human case of H5N1 ever recorded in the country, is worrying public health experts who […]

Cows are not the problem, but they are part of the solution in GHG emissions.

cow is a solution to climate dairynews7x7

Amidst the heightening concern with greenhouse gas emissions, the dairy industry has an important message they need to share: “Cows are not the problem, but they are part of the solution.” Dr. Sara Kvidera made this statement during her presentation Feb. 27 at the 2024 Nebraska Dairy Convention in West Point. Her topic focused on […]

Veganism Isn’t the Answer to India’s Dairy Industry Politics

Veganism Isn’t the Answer to India’s Dairy Industry Politics - Dairy News 7X7

Yamini Narayanan’s Mother Cow, Mother India, published in 2023 by the Stanford University Press, and recently published in India by Navayana Publications, interrogates the politics of milk and dairying in India, the critical space it occupies as a sacred commodity in the religious imagination of Hinduism, and how the latter’s framing of cow as mother is […]

How Hatsun Agro is growing byte-by-byte

How Hatsun Agro is growing byte-by-byte - Dairy News 7X7

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd has an asset that you can never find in its balance sheet, nor does it find a mention in any of its annual reports. The company has just begun to use it. “Data is Hatsun’s hidden asset,” says R G Chandramogan, Chairman of the ₹6,500-crore dairy products company, the biggest in […]