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Keep milch animals safe this summer: Aavin to T.N. dairy farmers

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Aavin has asked dairy farmers in Tamil Nadu to take care of milch animals this summer. It has advised farmers to tie cattle under the shade of trees and provide them with additional water to drink, in view of the sweltering heat.

A dairy farmer said that water was scarce in villages at this time, with the temperature soaring. “We will provide double the quantum of water for the cattle to drink. In villages where water is available, people will take the cattle for a wash daily. That will keep them safe and help reduce their body temperature,” he said.

A water wash is necessary, especially for breeds like Jersey cattle. “They are prone to strokes, and if enough water is not given, they will start panting and it is very difficult to get them out of that condition. Since the ground is dry, we will not send the cattle to graze, but will provide straw, corn and other soft items. They prefer less feed at this point of time, with more liquids. Milk production too, will reduce in the summer,” the farmer said.

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As of 2012, the State had 88 lakh milch animals. The government is at present taking steps to increase the number of cows by providing loans to farmers.

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