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Environmental enrichment in dairy farming: Enhancing emotional lives of cows

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It is a well-known fact that emotions play a pivotal role in the lives of animals. Various studies and researches have shown that the influence of the environment on the emotions of dairy cows is significant enough, and can be thoroughly interpreted through its behaviour. The impact of environment on emotions A fresh and verdurous […]

Here is What Apple’s Formula Could Mean for Dairy Technology

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Apple’s unparalleled success has fundamentally transformed public expectations surrounding technology. Known for its user-friendly interfaces, robust data security, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Apple has redefined the benchmarks for technological achievement. Even Apple’s packaging is designed to delight. This legacy of innovation and user accessibility hasn’t just democratized technology for the average consumer; it has […]

Working towards animal health : Atul Chaturvedi

Working towards animal health : Atul Chaturvedi - Dairy News 7X7

A collaboration is needed between veterinary science and human health experts to forge effective tools The developments unleashed by COVID-19 have once again put the spotlight on the pressing need to create greater collaborations and synergies between research on human health and animal health. India has a livestock population of 1.6 billion, that in turn […]