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Revolutionizing Indian Dairying: 10-Point Wishlist for India@2047

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By popular demand, DairyNews7x7 proudly presents our inaugural feature on the Indian dairy sector! Delve into the critical issues demanding urgent attention from policymakers. With elections underway, it’s paramount that these key points resonate with all, shaping a formidable agenda for the incoming government to ensure the continual advancement of India’s dairy industry.

Currently, India produces 230 million metric tons (MMT) of milk, accounting for nearly one-fourth of the world’s total production. Looking ahead, conservative projections indicate that India’s milk production will surpass 600 MMT within the next 25 years, constituting nearly half of the global production by 2047.

To ensure sustainability and meet these ambitious targets, the dairy industry is advocating for purposeful reforms. Amid ongoing elections, Kuldeep Sharma presents a 10-point wish list to the incoming government, aiming to position India as the foremost milk producer globally by 2047.


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Kuldeep Sharma

Chief Editor Dairynews7x7

write to dairynews7x7@gmail.com

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