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Supply stable, no chance of milk price hike this summer in Indore

Adequate supplies of milk in summers in Indore region as against an average drop of 10 per cent every year has kept milk prices stagnant, giving respite to consumers from price rise.

Every summer, milk cooperatives and private milk suppliers hike milk prices amid shortage in collection but this summer they have ruled out the likelihood of any price rise amid a comfortable supply situation.
Dr RK Doorwar, CEO, Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh said, “We are not planning to hike milk prices this summer because there is no drop in milk collection unlike last year. We have a comfortable supply situation and are collecting more milk than the required consumption.”

Last year in March 2022, Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh had hiked milk prices by Rs 4 a litre. Milk prices were increased by Rs 8 a litre in three phases in the year 2022 by the cooperative.
According to Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh, per day collection of milk is around 2.75 lakh litre and consumption is 2.60 lakh litre.

The cooperative is anticipating an increase of close to 8-10 per cent in revenues in the financial year 2023-24 amid a jump in demand.

Doorwar said, “The weather remained relatively pleasant and temperature did not go high much this year as against past years. This helped in maintaining a good supply of milk this summer. Milk prices are raised when there is a dip in milk supply but as the situation is normal so we do not see chances of any hike in prices.”

The association of private milk suppliers has also ruled out chances of a hike in milk prices this summer.
Bharat Mathurawala, president, Indore Dudgh Vikreta Sangh said, “There is no plan to hike milk prices in summers because we are getting good supplies from our members. Milk consumption is increasing gradually but we have sufficient supplies to meet the demand.”

Daily milk collection by Indore Dudgh Vikreta Sangh has jumped to 12.5 lakh litre a day from villages of Indore as against 11-11.5 lakh litre in the same period last year, said the association.

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