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Stitching Nutrition, Safety and Sustainability -Ranjith Mukundan

Stellapps Technologies in collaboration with ThinkAg, is pleased to invite you as a panellist to a webinar- ” Building Nutrition Security with Dairy: Role, Risks and Regulations”.

This webinar was held on 25th July from 4 PM to 5.15 PM IST. Background: The awareness of nutritional security and the significant contribution of dairy towards meeting nutritional needs are crucial for today’s customers. The webinar aims to address various critical aspects related to the dairy industry and its role in ensuring nutritional security, upholding food safety standards, promoting integrity in packaging and labelling, and addressing misconceptions about dairy products.


Speaker : Ranjith Mukundan Context : Dairy imparts financial as well as nutritional security to the farmer’s household. Dairy as a robust tool towards Nutritional as well as financial inclusion of farmer’s household

• Discussing the power of dairying in providing nutritional support in rural India

• Role of technology in mapping financial inclusion of dairy farmers

• Empowered women is the backbone of a healthy family

Que 1. You have been working very closely with the dairy farmers and the processors. Your technology has created a seamless traceability protocol for collecting hygienically produced milk. You have seen them prospering by expanding their milk production with your various interventions.

Pl share your experience on the role of technology to get nutritional and financial inclusion of Indian dairy farmers and particularly women dairy farmers. (7-10 minutes)

Moderator Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor Dairynews7x7


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