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Snack Happy with New Immune-Boosting Cheese Balls: Chip-Chip Hurray

Chip Chip, Horray! The Good Crisp Company , a brand of better-for-you chips in the classic-canister shape announced today the launch of Cheese Balls. Made with clean and simple ingredients, CheeseBalls offer immune-boosting-properties to help consumers-develop a better relation-chip with their snacks. Known for their delicious take on the classic stacked chip; The Good Crisp Company creates snacks that deliver in taste without guilt and the new Cheese Balls are no exception!

Source of inspiration

The Good Crisp Company Cheese Balls were inspired by Founder and CEO; Matt Parry’s experience seeing his daughter undergo chemotherapy treatments for Leukemia. Witnessing the power of the immune system first-hand; Matt wanted to create a snack that was as beneficial to health as it was delicious. Cheese balls were a favorite of Matt’s growing up, but before sharing them with his daughters; he wanted to clean up the ingredients to provide a healthier alternative that people could feel good about eating. In doing so, The Good Crisp Company took out all of the nasty-stuff and added an immune-boosting ingredient called Wellmune. This incredible, clinically proven ingredient helps strengthen the immune system and enhances its key functions.

The Good Crisp Company Cheese Balls are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with all-natural ingredients providing a cleaner version of an age-old, household favorite snack. Cheese Balls are available in two scrumptious flavors – Cheddar and Aged White Cheddar – and are sold in the brand’s iconic canister shape, making it a convenient snack at home or on the go. Sure to be a hit with families, nostalgic snackers, and health-conscious foodies alike, Cheese Balls are made good, taste good, and make you feel good.

Nutritious snack option

“With Cheese Balls, we are thrilled to offer a nutritious new snack that doesn’t compromise on flavor and can be easily incorporated into the family routine without guilt” said Matt Parry, Founder and CEO of The Good Crisp Company. “My family’s health was at the forefront when developing this product and with the inclusion of Wellmune; we hope to bring families an immune-boosting snack that they can feel great about eating!”

The Good Crisp Company CheeseBalls are available online at the company’s-website and will be coming soon to select retailers. Cheese Balls can be purchased in 2.75oz canisters for $4/each.

About The Good Crisp Company

Inspiration struck in 2014 when Founder and CEO Matt Parry began his gluten-free journey; switching to a strict FODMAP diet and saying goodbye to some of his favorite go-to snacks, like chips. In changing his diet for his own health reasons, he realized his three little girls would be influenced by his eating habits and wanted to find a snack that kids would love to eat and parents would feel good about giving. He began crafting a recipe for the tastiest, natural chip he could muster.

The result is The Good Crisp Company, a clean-label, gluten-free canister chip that families everywhere can enjoy. The Good Crisp Company has created a stacked chip that brings nostalgia with all the taste and none of the junk! Each canister contains chips that are made with clean and simple ingredients and deliciously absent of gluten, MSG, artificial flavors and colors, and the top eight common allergens: egg, wheat & gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, fish & shellfish, sesame seeds, mustard, celery, soy.

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