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SBI provides YONO Krishi Safal Dairy Loan for the dairy farmers

YONO Krishi Dairy Loan Scheme

The State Bank of India (SBI) provides a financial armoury for the dairy farmers. The SBI aims to fulfill the farmers’ wish with the YONO Krishi Safal Dairy Loan. The interested farmers can apply for the loan through SBI YONO. For further details on the Krishi loans, one can login to the official website of SBI at sbi.co.in.

Recently, SBI has tweeted about the YONO Krishi Safal Dairy Loan from its official Twitter handle. The tweet said, “A financial armour for dairy farmers! Apply for Pre-approved Loan under Corporate Tie-up and enjoy benefits like low Interest Rate, fast processing and more.

The interested dairy farmers must note that they can apply for pre-approved loan under corporate tie-up under the YONO Krishi Safal Dairy Loan through SBI YONO.

The various benefits associated with the loan are as follows:

1) Zero collateral

2) Low interest rate

3) Easy to apply

4) Fast processing

The SBI customers who have not access to YONO must download it on their mobiles. The SBI YONO is available to download for Android and iPhone devices.

The farmers must note that YONO Krishi is the one-stop solution for all the farming needs. In order to avail these facilities, one will have to download the SBI YONO app and login. The one will have to select the YONO Krishi option and all the facilities and benefits can be availed by the person from there.

In case of any queries and further details, the interested individuals can login to the official website of SBI at sbi.co.in.

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