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Saudi Arabia achieves self-sufficiency in dairy products

Saudi Arabia has been able to achieve self-sufficiency — 120 percent — in dairy products and its derivatives in less than half a century.

The Kingdom is among the top dairy exporting countries not only in the Middle East but also in the world, which came as result of the the balanced development plans and policies, especially in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

According to the current statistics revealed by the National Committee of Dairy Producers in the Federation of Saudi Chambers (FSC), the volume of dairy consumption has recorded an increase during the holy month of Ramadan by 15%.

The milk production in Saudi Arabia reached more than 7 million liters per day, or more than 18 million bottles daily. The number of trucks that transport and distribute the dairy products daily reached more than 10,000, while the number of retail stores that receive dairy products daily is 38,000.

Regarding workers, the statistics showed that the number of Saudi workers in the dairy companies reached more than 10,500. The dairy sector contributed more than SR7 billion to the national economy.

Dairy companies in Saudi Arabia are working according to the integrated production chain model, starting from raw materials until the final product. This model is only implemented in a few countries in the world.

The operation process of these companies include bringing the best breeds of milk-producing cows, which guarantee high production and quality.

This is in addition to securing the best and finest types of green fodder and grains from several reliable international sources.

Dairy companies in the Kingdom apply strict control procedures in several aspects, most notably in preserving, storing, transporting and distributing fresh milk. The companies link all distribution sites and centers, refrigerated distribution cars and display refrigerators in sales outlets to an informational e-system.

The dairy sector comes on top of the national food security list in terms of nutritional value as well as added value to the GDP.

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