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Sarhad dairy to venture into Fruit Juices to be marketed by Amul

Kutch’s Sarhad Dairy, which is member of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) that owns brand Amul, is mulling to set up a fruit processing plant near Bhuj. The fruit juice and pulp extracted would be used for making different value-added products which will be marketed under brand name Amul.

The Sahad Dairy authorities have been mulling to diversify into fruit processing since last two years. But the final decision in that direction was taken after its survey of yearly fruit production in Kutch revealed that they would have enough fruits for processing after domestic consumption and exports.

The dairy has initiated a process to appoint a consultant to prepare a project report for fruit processing plant.

Talking to TOI, chairman of Sarhad Dairy Valamji Humbal said, “A consultant will be appointed soon, who will prepare a project report on the viability of this project. We are planning to invest Rs 25 crore in a processing plant.”

Amul’s expanding scope

“Amul will market the juice, pulp and other value-added products made out of Kutch’s popular fruits,” added Humbal, who is also vice president of GCMMF.

According to Sarhad Sairy’s primary survey report 1.25 lakh metric tonne (MT) dates, 1.50 lakh MT pomegranate and 80,000 MT kesar mangoes are produced in the district annually.

The survey suggests that nearly half of the fruit could land with the dairy for processing. “The fruit growing farmers often don’t get a reasonable price of their produce. Many a time, the fruits, especially dates get spoilt as farmers don’t know how to make value-added products out of it. The fruit processing plant will also support fruit farmers of Kutch,” Humbal explained.

The dairy is also exploring use of the fruit juices and pulp in products like ice creams, flavoured yoghurt and milkshakes. Dates can also be used for making mouth freshener

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