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Saras milk became expensive for the second time in 75 days

Before the arrival of the festive season, once again in Rajasthan, the general public is being hit by inflation. Ahead of the festival season, Saras Dairy has also given a big blow to its customers. After about two and a half months, the dairy has again increased the rates of milk. According to the information received, apart from the capital Jaipur, the people of Dausa will also get milk expensive. Jaipur District Milk Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. According to the orders issued by the Govt. However, there has been no change in the prices of curd, buttermilk-lassi. Let us inform that the rates have been increased in March, June and September this year.

Here will be the new prices
According to the orders, from this evening, a half liter pack of Saras Gold milk will be available for Rs 30 instead of Rs 29 and 1 liter pack for Rs 60 instead of 58. Similarly, a half liter pack of standard (green pouch) milk will be available for Rs 27 instead of Rs 26 and a liter pack for Rs 54 instead of 52. A half liter pack of saras toned (blue pouch) milk will be available at the rate of Rs.24 instead of Rs.23 and Rs.48 per liter instead of Rs.46.

Half liter of DTM milk will be available at Rs 20 instead of 19, while a liter will be available at Rs 40 instead of 38. Cow’s milk will be available for Rs 25 instead of a half liter pack of 24.

Price hike for the third time this year
Jaipur Dairy is continuously increasing the prices. However, a few days after the rate hike in March, the hiked prices were withdrawn after the intervention of the Chief Minister. Jaipur Dairy has made milk costlier by Rs 2 per liter this year.

These are believed to be the main reasons for increasing the rate
It is believed that the main reason for increasing the rate is the bonus given to milk producers in the budget announcement. It is also being told that Jaipur Dairy has taken this decision to maintain the availability of milk in crisis due to lumpi virus. Through this decision, the dairy management is trying to woo the milk producers.

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