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Sangareddy: Police raid Pavithra Dairy seize 6000 l of adulterated milk

Patancheru Police raided the Pavithra Dairy industry in Industrial Area Pashamylaram in Sangareddy district and seized about 6,000 liters of adulterated milk, curd and cheese from the Dairy on Tuesday afternoon.

DSP Bheem Reeddy who conducted the raid along with the Zonal Manager TSIIC (Telangana State Industrial and Infrastructure Corporation) Anuradha, said that the Dairy management was preparing milk, curd and cheese with milk powder and mixing some chemicals which is a prohibited process. Moreover, the management was packing in the discarded buckets of various noted brands such as Amul, Heritage,Vishaka, SSR, Goverdhan and others. They were also illegally printing and packing milk in various brands packets at the Pavithra Dairy.

Following a tip off the raid was conducted, he said adding that the packets were being sold at various outlets across the city. Bheem Reddy has warned that they will initiate stern action against people if anyone caught adulterating any kind of food because it harms the people’s health. Inspector N Venugupal Reddy said that they have taken Pavithra Dairy Manager Prasada Rao, Vishaka Milk Superviser Parameshwar into custody. TSICC is expected to initiate stern action against the management. The seized milk products have been sent to labs for further testing. The investigation is on to know how exactly the business is being operated.

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