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Sanchi urges MP govt to include milk in mid-day meal

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Indore: Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation has appealed state govt to include milk in its mid-day meal and aganwadi schemes since it is receiving more than 30 per cent surplus milk daily.

The federation assistant general manager Aseem Nigam said, “Milk supplies are high. We are collecting around 30 per cent more milk everyday. As against the daily sale of close to 7 lakh litre in the state, we are getting around 10 lakh litre.

This gap has resulted in mounting stocks. So, We have urged govt to include milk in the mid-day meal scheme.”
More than 2.5 lakh farmers across 10,000 villages in Madhya Pradesh are associated with the federation.

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“We have tied up with Delhi Milk Scheme to supply some milk. Before this we also supplied to Kolhapur dairy but they have now stopped buying. We operate on very thin margins and such flush situations add additional burden on the federation,” said Nigam.

Surplus milk with the federation has resulted in a stock of around 4,000 tonne each of butter and powder in the state.
Milk collection at Indore Cooperative Dugdh Sangh has swelled to around 4 lakh litre and stocks of butter and powder have touched more than 1,000 tonne.
The federation is anticipating a jump in demand for packaged milk in summers and plans to utilize the stocks of butter and powder in the summer months.

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