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Safe milk drive in Rajasthan

Milk is the first food of life. It is one of the most complete food available on earth. It is highly perishable and thus vulnerable to chemical adulteration to extend its shelf life by the aggregators. Milk purity and safety is more critical during summer due to lack of cold chain also.

Pure for sure a week long milk sampling campaign has been launched in Rajasthan. During this campaign samples of milk will be lifted by the FSSAI The information related to samples will be by provided by the FSOs on FSSAI app.

All the samples will be tested in the State food testing laboratory. Food safety officers will be sending the sample reports to the FSSAI headquarters on daily basis. These samples will be part of an enforcement drive and culprits will be prosecuted. As per Sh Raghu Sharma, state health minister, the government is committed for pure and safe milk availability,

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