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Rapid detection of coronavirus on food processing surfaces enabled by EU funding

A new partnership between five European companies and research institutions is receiving funding from EIT Food. This is done in order to build a diagnostic platform to improve the on-site testing capacity of the food industry. This system will be delivering results in less than one hour.

Swiss de Code, Microbion, IATA CSIC, University of Helsinki and Eurofins jointly, have been awarded Euro 790000 from EIT foods. This funding is a part of the Covid-19 Rapid response call for Innovation projects.

The funding will support the development of a platform to help food companies quickly detect the presence of Corona virus on food processing surfaces.

The platform is an automated testing device that will be installed directly at the food processing facilities. It will be providing results in less than an hour with no need for complex instrumentation or specialised person.

This collaboration is amongst five countries from EU namely Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Spain and France. As reported in dairyreporter.com

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