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Rampant adulteration of ghee in Dudhsagar dairy shows the dark shades of ghee business

FDCA teams from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar have started collecting and testing ghee samples from Dudhsagar dairy , Mehsana. A letter from R S Sodhi , MD GCMMF to the board of dairy informed about this rampant adulteration in ghee. This letter asked to stop dispatch of 600 MT of ghee worth Rs 40 Crore . The sample of ghee was first checked at Amulfed Gandhinagar plant . It contained 16% palm oil mixed in it.

The registrar of cooperatives at Gandhinagar has asked the board directors of Dudhsagar dairy to suspend its managing director. The registrar has also directed the milk audit office Mehsana to begin criminal proceedings against all involved in ghee adulteration .

Current FSSAI standard for ghee are inadequate to catch ghee adulteration

Ghee industry is not as pure as it looks to be. Since last few years there have been many cases of ghee adulteration . The food authorities are also aware of the inadequacy of the existing standards of ghee to test adulteration of palm oil in ghee. Now this case of adulterated ghee from Dudhsagar dairy Mehsana has shown the dark side of ghee business to the world. The industry hope to have new standards and testing methodology for ghee from FSSAI soon.

This ghee was produced at a unit of Dudhsagar dairy in DudU, Rajasthan. Also read Amul stops dispatch of 600 MT of ghee packed in Mehsana Union plant at Rajasthan.

Food and drug control administration will be conducting an independent investigation into the case.GCMMF has written letters to the Mehsana dairy on July3 and 7 in this regard. The batches are from the production of June. There is still 512 Tonnes of ghee lying at company’s ware houses and their samples are collected for testing.

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