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Punjab dairy farmers protest at Verka plant against rate reduction

Scores of dairy farmers from across the state gathered outside the Verka plant in Mohali on Monday to protest against the rate reduction.

Baldev Singh, ex-chairman of the Milk plant in Mohali said that Milkfed had reduced the rate from ₹83 a litre to ₹80 a litre. “Contrary to our request for a hike in the rate, they have reduced it by ₹3.”

He further added that the milk production tends to dip in summers as cattle fall sick in hot weather conditions. “Winters are the only time when we can expect a little profit, but the authorities have cut our profits with this move,” he said.

“We are victims of corrupt practices going on here,” he said referring to the recent arrest of the deputy manager of the plant in a graft case.

The protest ended after three hours after senior Milkfed officials reached the site and assured them of revising the rates soon.

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