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Pune-based eFeed to help control cattle burps and fart that emit methane

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The burps and farts of cattle that result in methane emissions could soon be controlled through feeds, which, in turn, could be counted for carbon credits if Pune-based eFeed has its way. Cattle across the globe emit a lot of methane through burp and fart. “It is difficult to analyse or measure methane emission because you cannot put a sensor on every cow,” said Kumar Ranjan, Founder e-Feed.

Though many companies claim to have built a sensor to measure methane emission, the challenge is to measure every single cattle. “One of the ways we have been able to identify is through artificial intelligence. Over the last two years, the amount of data we have got on the feeding pattern and methane emission is basically a direct function of feeding. “So if you feed poor quality raw material, you get more methane. If you feed good quality stuff, you get less methane, to put it very simply,” said the founder in an online discussion with businessline.

The start-up has been able to analyse data and it is currently working in many such areas. The company sees this as an important step when the Centre could allow carbon credits for dairy companies. This could turn the focus on companies such as eFeed which has the data, software besides offerings.

Recorded data

“My entire offering will become important for the dairies in the country to evaluate the methane emissions,” said Ranjan. The company, which has a manufacturing unit in Lucknow produces supplements and premixes for cattle that have been found to cut methane emissions by 13 per cent,” he claimed.

“This means, over a period of time, my products can reduce methane emissions by 13-14 per cent and there is recorded data. We really want to get the focus on methane emissions and that it is important. At the same time, we are able to do that by using our software to analyse methane emissions and reduce it by the products we make,” Ranjan said.

eFeed is currently developing the product and it will be launched shortly. “Our plan is that once we launch the product, we will talk to bodies such as Gold Standard Verra, which are into carbon credits and we will work with them to get the methodology registered. If everything goes well, the Gold Standard Verra can agree that e-Feed’s process decreases methane emission,” the company’s founder said.

This will allow dairy companies to use products that reduce methane emissions. Though eFeed would like to rope in farmers, Ranjan said his company was currently focussing on solving the productivity challenge.


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Animal management
“The entire methane and the carbon piece is for the dairy companies and large agencies, large bodies who want to work on methane emissions and offset their carbon footprint,” he said.

On eFeed, he said it is an animal management company currently working with the cattle farmers across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh through an app or digital platform. “We have a mobile application for farmers to identify the deficiency in the animal. This is like a diagnostic tool where you can select animal species,” Ranjan said.

Farmers will provide details on the feed they give to their cattle and the total milk production. Certain questions are posed to the farmers on the app to know about the animals.

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