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A half-litre packet of double toned milk will now cost Rs 26 from the earlier Rs 24; half litre of toned milk has been increased from Rs 26 to Rs 28 while that of whole milk is now Rs 35 (Rs 34), half litre of cow milk has gone up from Rs 26 to Rs 28 while that of standardized milk is at Rs 30 (Rs 28).

For the second time in six months, the Telangana State Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Limited. (TSDDCF) has increased the price of Vijaya Milk. Effective from Thursday, a litre of toned milk is priced at Rs 55 per, a straight Rs 4 hike.

In a release here, the federation pointed out that it has increased prices of all milk related products. According to the animal husbandry dairy development and fisheries department’s latest report, the TSDDCF sells nearly 3.2 lakh litres of Vijaya milk every day.

Following the revision, a family which consumes one litre of milk will have to shell out an additional Rs 120 every month hereafter.

Deccan Chronicle tried in vain to speak to the federation general managers regarding the hike. However, an insider said that as the position of its managing director has been vacant, officials are hesitant to comment on the hike.

Pampari Shanker, a milk vendor, said, “Each day I supply around 200 litres of milk in various colonies. Most of my customers are fuming at the overnight increase in price,” he said.

Source : DECCAN CHRONICLE. 01 Sep 2022 By Sanjay Samuel Paul

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