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Pashudhan: Buying And Selling of Cattle Goes Online in Gujarat

All cattle buying and selling will go digital as 36 lakh dairy farmers of Gujarat will seek to do business through a cattle trading platform. With Amul’s new venture. A breeder in say, Junagadh, will be able to sell a newborn calf to a dairy farmer in Surat or Mehsana from the comfort of his home. Amul’s platform for sale and purchase of cows has been initiated for all dairy unions of the state.

It was five years ago that Amul- the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) , adopted a common software. Jayen Mehta, the GCMF’s chief operating officer said that the mother app has 5 lakh active users as of now, and using the same platform, they have developed a new feature of Pashudhan. It is through that the dairy farmers of Gujarat can buy and sell their cattle sans the need for a middleman.
It is to be noted that 40,000 users had already checked out the “Pashudhan`’ feature on Amul’s app for milk products by Sunday evening. 132 entries of cattle worth Rs 81 lakh was already made on the dashboard. Sellers had posted photos of calves as well as adults which had attracted more than 7,500 viewers.

A six-year old cow from Nadgam village has emerged as a popular attraction. She gives 10 litres of milk everyday. She has gained the highest views at 223 and is priced at Rs 55,000.
Just like banking transactions on the bank’s mobile app, farmers also have their milk records on the app. The app shows the complete record of milk poured by the individual dairy farmer, their daily transactions and the yearly bonus that they earn.

Trials of Pashudhan have been successfully carried out by teams in Banaskantha Banas Dairy, Mehsana’s Dudhsagar Dairy, Anand’s Amul Dairy,and Godhra’s Panchamrut Dairy.
The app also has features to find out the geographical availability of the cow or buffalo, whether it is within 50 or 100 km, provisions to choose a breed of their choic,e and filters forthe price range and the milk yield of the animal he is searching for.

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