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One day farmer’s agitation in Maharashtra on July 21 by SSS to support dairy farmers

Maharashtra is facing the wrath of Covid pandemic severely. All major cities and towns of the state are have been imposing lockdowns now and then. This has led to drastic drop in milk demand in the state.

The state has a total production of around 12 million litres milk per day. The decline in demand has led to excess milk in the state to the tune of close to 40% of this production. The pouch milk demand pre covid period was close to 86 lakh lpd. Now this demand is for 67 lakh lpd of milk only.

Few months back the farmers were getting a price of Rs 33-34 per liter for their produce. As per cost estimation, the farmer produces this milk at Rs 27-28 per liter. Currently due to poor demand the prices of milk has come down to Rs 16-17 per liter since March.

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Mr Raju Shetti, former MP and Swabhini Shetkari Sangathana (SSS) leader shared his concern. He talked about the immense pressure on dairy farmers due to this situation. He demanded Rs 5 per liter as a special government grant for the farmers.

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He also showed his annoyance over the TRQ notification which allows import of 10000 MT of SMP . He stated that in the presence of around 50000 MT of SMP stock in the state, this notification would worsen the situation further. SSS will launch a one day agitation on July 21 to support dairy farmers. There are also news that BJP and alliance would also be launching one day agitation . It would be done on August 1 with a demand of Rs 10/liter from the government.

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