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Need to develop advanced breed of cows: Yogi Adityanath

“We won’t be able to fulfill the goals of Gram Swarajya without this. The state government supports all positive initiatives in this direction…To boost the income of agricultural and livestock farmers, the production of milk-based products like curd, butter, and ghee need to be pushed,” he added.

In Mathura to dedicate the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama Temple to the public, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday emphasised on the need for developing an advanced breed of cow to preserve Indian cows.

He recommended setting up dairy committees in rural areas of the state to help the rural population become self-sufficient. “In order to protect Indian breeds of cows, an improved breed must be developed first. The Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Veterinary Science University is located here, and thanks to it, work in this field has started,” said Adityanath while talking about his experience of seeing an advance breed of cows developed by the institute.

On the last day of his two-day visit to Mathura, Adityanath arrived at the Bhakti Vedanta Gurukul and International School campus run by ISKCON on Wednesday where he dedicated the Shri Shri Krishna Balarama temple and offered prayers. He also inaugurated the dairy plant run by BhaktiVedanta Gurukul. He insisted that women self-help groups should be included in dairy committees and added that a processing facility for cow-based products should be established in each tehsil.

The CM said that abandoned cows roaming on streets occasionally end up becoming the reason for riots. “The government has launched several programmes to protect cows. More than nine lakh cows are being cared for by the government in the state. The government is making constant efforts to protect Indian cows,” he said.

Stating that ‘Braj’ is the ‘land of the incarnation of God’, the CM said, “It is our responsibility that this earth becomes the land of ‘gau seva’ (cow service).”

Talking about how cow-based products are being used for industrial purposes, he said, “Not only milk products but also CNG is being made from Indian bovine breeds , while in Badaun cow dung and cow urine are being used to make paint.”

Referring to the ‘Maharaas’ programme being organised by Mathura MP Hema Malini in Jawahar Bagh, the chief minister said that everyone was aware of the context inwhich Jawahar Bagh was hit the headlines seven years ago. “However, it is now in news for promoting Braj culture. If good people come, good work will be done.”

On June 2 2016, violence had erupted at Mathura’s Jawahar Bagh which saw the deaths of 29 people, including two police officers. The chief minister also inspected the Uttar Pradesh Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad’s Leela Manch, which is being built at Shri Krishna Janmasthan.

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