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In a village near Hoskote, named Chikka karoti, villagers dumped 4000 Liters of milk due to irrational behavior of Karnataka Milk Federation. The incident took place on Sunday May 24. State federation refused to collect the milk from the village because one of the member producer and her family was found COVID positive. The villages was sealed as a protocol and KMF did not operate two of their milk producer society’s collection center. All the villagers  complained that on one side they are unable to take their horticulture products to the market while on the other side their another cash crop is not selling.

This incident shows the government attitude of just not walking the talk. At all the public platforms and media government says that there must be no discrimination against the victims of Corona. It is also publicized strongly that there is no evidence of Corona spreading through milk , fruits ,vegetables or any other food products. Under current times of Covid , dairy farmers all around the country are highly  distressed on top of that such actions be KMF is condemnable. KMF is also known to be a state federation which gets maximum subsidy from the government amongst all cooperatives. This subsidy is to support the dairy farmers and not to announce milk holidays. This act of Karnataka milk federation is highly condemned.

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