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Mother dairy launches Rocket : An ice cream chocolate

This time lockdown has eaten most of the ice cream season from March till May . The demand for ice cream begun to pick up after unlock 1.0. All major ice cream players are trying to woo consumers by offering delectable flavors in ice creams.

Mother Dairy Delhi came out with an innovative category of Ice cream chocolate. The product named as Rocket is available in two flavours of French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate. Mother dairy is targeting teen and tweens as their target demographies for this product category.

The price of Rocket in market will be Rs 20. Mother dairy has launched a mascot Neila on this occasion. Other offerings from the company included Sugar-free Dietz chocolate cup and Ek dum santra in the single serve pack size . In take home variants Afghan nutty delight and Firdaus-e-phirni were introduced. The company will soon be launching a new flavour of chocolate truffle ice cream cake.

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