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Mother Dairy Cheese, Wavemaker, Momspresso organize Food Ka Buddy

Mother Dairy Cheese, in collaboration with Wavemaker India, conceptualized and organized the Cheesy Cook-Off with celebrity chef Ajay Chopra.

This event was an extension finale of the Food Ka Buddy Campaign, which featured online live sessions through Cheese Ki Paathshala. Momspresso was our trusted partner to bring this IP to life.

The objective was to highlight the nutritional value of cheese, as it often plays as a substitute ingredient in a child’s diet (who are picky about eating).

To throw light on cheese and its health benefits, an exclusive session was also organised with Nutritionist Vandana Verma during the finale. She stressed on the importance of overall nutrition and a balanced diet, and milk benefits followed by the importance of cheese and the nutrient punch it supplies in a child’s diet.

It was an interactive session wherein she addressed the parents’ concerns regarding their children’s diet, how to deal with picky eaters and the overall constituents of a healthy diet. She said, “Cheese is high in nutrients such as protein and calcium, which are important elements in a child’s diet. Adding it to your dishes not only improves the taste but when consumed in moderation, is also healthy for you.”

When it came to how to incorporate cheese into their children’s dishes, the parents were guided by Chef Ajay Chopra. On the menu for the day were Nutella Cheese Pancakes and Cheesy Sandizaa made from Mother Dairy Cheese. Keeping up with the spirit of the event, Chef Chopra’s sons, Ashish and Akshat Chopra took to the stage to cook up some delicious dishes, along with the parents and their children.

Chef Ajay Chopra was quoted as saying, “It’s amazing to see the kids take an interest in cooking. And with the parents chipping in, it’s truly a perfect picture of teamwork. This activity not only gives an opportunity for children to get live exposure to preparing the dishes but allows them to bond with their parents.”

He also went around tasting the dishes made by all the participants and after a healthy round of tasting, Arush Gupta and his mother, Richa Gupta were declared the winners of the Cheesy Cook-Off.

A Mother Dairy spokesperson said, “This campaign in particular, has been testament to the fact that Mother Dairy Cheese with its great taste and creamy soft texture lends itself well to be used in a variety of foods – including snacks, international and Indian cuisines – offering the right blend of taste and nutrition. It was indeed heartening to see our patrons showcasing their culinary skills along-with their little ones. We thank everyone for their involvement and participation, thereby curating an experiential initiative full of learning and fun.”

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