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Case Study – Dynamic traceability story of mooMark

Case Study: mooMark Private Limited – Transforming the Dairy Supply Chain

Introduction: mooMark, headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, was founded in 2020 with a clear vision to revolutionize the dairy supply chain through technology-driven solutions. The company initially focused on B2B milk procurement but expanded its scope in 2023 to include value-added products and private labeling services. mooMark’s mission is to support farmers, dairy, and FMCG brands by ensuring traceability and quality at every stage of the milk supply chain.

Challenges in the Milk Supply Chain: mooMark encountered several operational challenges hindering its digitization efforts across the dairy supply chain:

  • Farm: Lack of proper farm records and unregistered cows made it difficult to trace milk back to its source.
  • Collection Center: Manual record-keeping and outdated technology systems led to inefficiencies and errors in milk collection.
  • Chilling Center: Resource-intensive chilling activities and inadequate monitoring increased the risk of contamination and pilferage.
  • Transportation: Tracking the route and volume of milk during transportation posed logistical challenges.
  • Processing: Capturing real-time data and ensuring quality control at processing units were major hurdles.

Table 1: Technologies deployed by mooMark

# Technology/ Application Stakeholder Purpose
1 mooON Farmers and Extension/ Intervention Agents Herd management
2 ActiTrak Farmer Cattle activity monitoring
3 smartFarms Farmer Digital milk passbooks, financial services, and agricultural input services
4 smartAMCU mobile application Collection Center Automatic milk collection
5 smartCC Chilling Center Quality checks
6 ConTrak Chilling Monitoring milk chilling
7 AMCU Portal Dairy Tracks quality, quantity, and tanker movement.
8 Traceability Portal Processing Plant Mapping the milk procurement and batch processing data
9 Know Your Milk (KYC) Customer Trace the milk journey


Proposed Solutions: In response to these challenges, mooMark implemented various interventions tailored to the dairy industry:

  1. mooON and ActiTrak: A herd management system for farm monitoring and cow health tracking.

moo on acti track device dairynews7x7


2. smartAMCU: IoT-based automatic milk collection units for precise measurement and quality assessment.


stellapps smart amcu dairynews7x7


3. smartCC and ConTrak: Real-time monitoring systems for chilling centers to ensure optimal storage conditions.

4. AMCU Portal: A digital platform for monitoring milk transportation and maintaining accurate records.

5. Traceability Portal and Know Your Milk (KYM): Systems for quality inspection, batch traceability, and consumer access to milk information.




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  • From operating in just 204 villages in 2020, mooMark expanded its reach to engage with 65,000 farmers within four years.
  • The company oversees a network of 104,000 registered cattle, facilitating the production and distribution of 100,000+ liters of milk daily.
  • Implementation of innovative solutions across 800 centers has set new standards for transparency, efficiency, and quality assurance in milk production and distribution.
  • Leveraging advanced technologies such as IoT, sensors, and cloud computing, mooMark has addressed consumer concerns regarding milk quality and safety while empowering dairy farmers with tools for better herd management and fair compensation.

Know our farmers moomark dairynews7x7



Conclusion: mooMark’s journey exemplifies how technology-driven solutions can transform the dairy industry, addressing longstanding challenges and creating value for stakeholders at every level. By ensuring traceability, quality, and efficiency throughout the supply chain, mooMark has paved the way for a more sustainable and resilient dairy industry in the digital age. As mooMark continues to expand its footprint and impact, the future of dairy traceability looks brighter than ever before.

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