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MLA Rohit Pawar alleges major milk scam in government hostels, demands probe

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Serious allegations of a major milk scam have been made by Rohit Pawar, the MLA of the Nationalist Congress Party (led by Sharad Pawar), regarding government hostels in the state. This accusation was brought forward by him during a press conference held this morning. He claimed that he was sent eleven files by an anonymous individual, alleging that this person is affiliated with the ruling party.

As a result, there is considerable uproar in the political arena. Rohit Pawar presented two of these files during the press conference.

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Rohit Pawar has alleged that there are a total of 552 government hostels in the state with 1,87,392 students receiving education in them. As per government regulations, each student is supposed to be provided with 250 millilitres of milk daily. Contracts are awarded for the provision of this milk. Those who bid the lowest are awarded the contract. In the years 2018-19, bids were invited at rates of ₹46.49 and ₹49.75 per litre. However, in 2023-24, the government purchased milk at ₹146 per litre. This discrepancy has led to an alleged scam of ₹80 crore. Rohit Pawar has alleged that the companies getting these contracts belong to the ruling party leaders in Ambegaon taluka and Kolhapur in Pune.

Speaking on this occasion, Rohit Pawar said that the milk taken from the farmers at the rate of Rs.30 is being given to the poor children at the rate of Rs.146 and will  lodge complaints with the Prime Minister’s Office, Chief Minister’s Office, and the Anti-Corruption Bureau regarding this matter.

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