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Milma striving to attain self-sufficiency in milk production

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The Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma) is working on a multi-pronged strategy to strengthen the cooperative dairy sector and attain self-sufficiency in milk production, Milma chairman K.S. Mani said on Saturday.

Enhancing productivity and supporting dairy farmers, who are burdened by increase in input costs, form the core of this strategy. Bridging the gap between domestic milk production and demand remains a priority, Mr. Mani said in connection with the World Milk Day observance on June 1.

“Milma procured an average 10.31 lakh litres of milk a day in April 2024, which increased to 11.96 lakh litres in May, while the sales stood at 17.56 lakh litres. Going forward, our focus will be on attaining self-sufficiency in milk production to meet the entire demand,” he said.

Repositioning Milma

The brand repositioning initiative launched recently by Milma has yielded results, he said. In 2023-24, the milk cooperative posted a higher turnover of ₹4,311 crore, he said.

‘Repositioning Milma 2023,’ the brand makeover initiative, saw the launch of a variety of new products like chocolates, butter biscuits and ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat instant mixes besides standardising the price, quality and packaging of liquid milk, curd and other dairy staples from the three regional unions. “This process has imparted a big thrust to the market expansion of Milma,” Mr. Mani said.

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