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Milkymist launches Skyr : An Icelandic High protein Yogurt range

Milky Mist always emphasizes on introducing process technology, new product lines and state of the art machinery along with ESG activities.  Milky Mist has commissioned state of the art Dairy plant in 2019 with a capacity to handle a million LPD.  Milky Mist is also setting up a new facility with an investment outlay of Rs.500 crores for UHT Milk, Ice Cream, Chocolates, etc.

As part of extension of our dairy portfolio Milky Mist has recently commissioned state of the art Cream Cheese manufacturing plant from Holland.  The plant has the capability of producing different types of speciality value added products such as Cream Cheese, Skyr and different types of Yogurts using ultra filtration technology.  As the demand for dairy products, particularly protein-based food such as natural cheese, paneer and yogurt was growing steadily post COVID in view of healthy dietary pattern, Milky Mist has explored the possibility of developing  high protein yogurts.

We did extensive study in Europe where Skyr is one of the popular dairy product with a protein content ranging from 11% to 16%.  Skyr, originally from Iceland, became very popular in other European countries becoming a staple food to meet protein needs of the consumers.  Since Milky Mist has  the technology, we have done extensive R&D work and developed Skyr, with 11% protein- equivalent to more than two glasses of milk.

Skyr is made from natural process not substituted with milk proteins and any other ingredients.  The product is available in 100 gms & 250 gms pack sizes.  The producthas been launched recently in metro cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Cochin.  Skyr has a tremendous potential to become a popular product because of its high protein content in its natural form and free of any preservative.  As majority of Indian consumers are vegetarians, their protein requirements have to be either from paneer or pulses.

Skyr with 11% protein will become natural choice to meet their needs.  Skyr is superior than any other yogurts currently available in the market.  Milky Mist is the first mover in this product category in Indian Dairy sector and create new category of product.

Milky Mist also plans to launch Greek Yogurt within a short period using the same UF technology.  Thus, the product portfolio of Yogurt will have normal/ regular fruit based Yogurt with 3% protein; Greek Yogurt with 6% to 7% protein and Skyr with 11% protein content encompassing all ranges where the consumers can buy according to their preference and indulge in.

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