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Milky mist Greek Yogurt to tap Rs 1000 Crores Yogurt market

Milky Mist is pioneer in launching fruit based yogurt of dierent types such as Blueberry, Mango, Peach and Pineapple. The market has been steadily growing for these categories and Milky Mist has gained a significant market share for fruit based Yogurts.

Looking into the nutritional requirement, availability and consumer demand for high protein products, Milky Mist has installed state of the art fermentation and ultrafiltration technology to produce high protein milk
based products.

As an extension of Yogurt category, Milky Mist has developed different types of Greek Yogurt such as natural and cereal based variants having protein ranging from 6.5% to 8%. We have recently launched these products and consumers have received them very well. Going forward, Milky Mist will continue to extend the product category in high protein milk based products.

The Yogurt market in India is estimated to be around Rs.900 – 1000 crores and as per market agencies’ report, it is growing in the range of 18% to 20% in the last four years. However, there are very limited players in this category for manufacturing quality products, using UF technology and marketing the same across the country.

Milky Mist is in a position of having state of the art technology as well as product development team with its own strong marketing network. In view of the above, we are very much enthusiastic to develop this category and create a market for such high protein products since the demand is ever growing.

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