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In another major blow to the common man, milk prices are likely to get high as producers in some villages of Ratlam have decided to hike the prices. 

In wake of the increase in petrol and diesel prices, LPG cylinders and vegetables, milk producers from 25 villages attended a meeting held at the Ram Mandir of Kalika Mata campus on Tuesday. During the meeting, it was decided to hike the milk price to Rs 55 per litre from March 1.

Will milk prices rise after petrol and diesel gas?

Milk producers say that the transportation charge has increased due to hike in petrol and diesel prices, and animal feed has also become expensive. If the hike in milk prices is not approved, then they will stop the supply. Even before the coronavirus period, milk producers had decided to increase the price of milk, but there was no agreement with the vendors in the city. Then there were talks of increasing the price by Rs 2 per litre, but the prices were not increased in view of the COVID-19 crisis.

President of Ratlam Milk Producers Association, Hiralal Chaudhary, said that milk producers of 25 villages held a meeting on Tuesday. “Our demand is to increase the price of milk. Last year, the price of milk was not increased due to coronavirus, but now the price of fodder has increased, along with the prices of petrol and diesel. We get our buffalo for Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh. Right now the price by milk producers is Rs 43 per litre, so we have decided to increase the price of milk to Rs 55 per litre. We will see further if we agree with the milk vendors of the city,” he said.

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